#MeditationMonday: I am Made of All the Things I Choose to Focus On

This week's #meditation is simple to practice on your own which makes it accessible to everyone from first time meditators to experienced ones. This practice will use mantra or a repeated word or phrase that helps you to center your focus. Find a comfortable seat that requires little to no muscular effort (seated, lying down, back against a wall...). Take a few centering breaths and observe how the air fills and empties the body. Choose a quality or characteristic that you would like to bring into your life (peaceful, grateful, willing, tranquil, enough...). As you inhale, repeat "I am" and as you exhale, repeat your word like "happy". Continue to repeat this mantra on your breath for several minutes. The mind will wander - don't worry! This is normal! Just gently guide yourself back to the mantra. Start with a few minutes and eventually lengthen your practice. You can always take a mindful pause in the middle of your day and just use 1 minute to come back to this practice. Make note of how you feel afterward and then carry on with your day!