#MeditationMonday: The Growth Mindset

This meditation is based on Carol Dweck's TED talk - featured above. After watching, set 10+ minutes aside to take a comfortable seat and call to mind a time when you faced a problem that seemed to be more difficult than you could handle. Visualize yourself in the middle of this problem and allow your emotions to arise naturally. Notice how you feel. Do you see difficulties as a setback or a challenge? Are you able to recognize your thoughts as you confront problems? If you are a "fixed mindset" type person, challenge yourself to think "I haven't learned this yet." or "It is going to take some work to get through this." instead of writing it off all together.

Just think - we all start out with a "growth mindset". When a toddler is learning how to walk, they falls down hundreds of times, but they never think to themselves, "Maybe this isn't for me." Instead, they persevere without judgment of themselves and with the idea "not yet." It takes time, effort, and kindness for us to learn anything that first appears to be impossible. Create a growth environment for yourself and others and see what problems you can overcome.