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Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Classes

Vinyasa classes bring together an awareness of both the body and the breath to create a dynamic, flowing class that will encourage strength and length. These classes incorporate a variety of postures and breathing exercises to prove your physical and mental stamina. You will leave feeling stronger, lighter and more focused!

All Levels

All level classes are designed to be safe for students of all experiences. While it is helpful to have some understanding of yoga, it is not essential. Our teachers will guide you through a series of postures while explaining the keys of alignment and suggestions on how to modify for both beginner and advanced variations. 

Level 2/3

You don't need to be an expert to take a level 2/3 class - just an understanding of how to modify when you need! Level 2/3 classes spend less time explaining alignment and modifications. and more exploring advanced asana, including arm balances, inversions, transitions and binds. You should have a solid grasp of alignment and options for modification before taking this class.

Yoga 101

Get back to basics in this vinyasa class. Learn the foundations of yoga poses - alignment, modifications and variations. You'll move through a simple sequence of postures while being reminded to breathe and relax. If you're worried about keeping up or think you're "too stiff" to stretch, try this class to explore what it feels like to be connected with your body and breath. You'll be a yogi before you know it!

Fit and Fly

The fit and fly class will incorporate the postures and mindfulness of traditional yoga into aerial hammock-assisted strength training. This non-heated class will challenge you mentally and physically. Join in to tone muscles, overcome fears, and channel your inner monkey. While you don't need to be an experienced yogi or acrobat, the class will include inversions and cirque tricks, so some basic knowledge of yoga or movement is helpful. Aerial is a lighthearted practice that welcomes people of all experiences and levels. Note: for the safety of our yogis and hammocks, all jewelry must be removed for aerial classes. 

Yin Yoga

The studio will be gently warmed (around 80 degrees) for a practice that will start with slow movement to bring awareness to the body and then move into Yin shapes which are held seated or lying down. Yin shapes are held for extended periods of time with some muscles relaxed, allowing the body's own weight and gravity to support the release of connective tissue and joints. This practice challenges students to relax deeply in order to relieve tension while focusing on the present moment. Yin yoga is great for practitioners looking to improve flexibility and develop a deeper awareness of both body and breath.

Chakra Vinyasa

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means "wheel" and refers to one of seven energy centers that are located down the length of the spine. Each of the centers is associated with a specific set of characteristics and health traits. When the chakras are balanced, we feel healthy and happy with our lives. When one (or many) becomes out of balance, we will notice a shift away from our ideal self. In this class, each week will focus on a different chakra and will include asana, mindfulness exercises and information about how to stay (or get back) on track. 

Yoga Lab

This class is a one hour vinyasa style class that will break down a new asana (posture) each week so that you can better understand the alignment and purpose of the shape. There will include discussion of the anatomy of each pose making this a great class for someone new to yoga or an experienced yogi looking to deepen their understanding of the yoga postures.  Sequences will move at a slower pace than other vinyasa classes.

Guided Meditation

Each week, our experienced teachers will guide you through one of many varieties of meditation. There are many paths to enlightenment and the best one is what that works for you. From mantras to mudras and kirtan to guided imagery, we will help you to find the most effective and sustainable way to quiet your mind and regain focus. The benefits of meditation are vast - improved mood, better health, greater productivity, decreased pain and anxiety... Find your way to zen with us! 

Rock and Flow

This themed vinyasa flow class will be set to an upbeat playlist - expect anything from Rock and Roll to the latest Pop and Hip Hop hits. Let loose and flow to the tunes in a more playful and funky version of your traditional yoga class. The sequence will be suitable for all levels but be prepared to try some fun transitions and challenging asanas (postures)! If your journey to peace includes laughter and lighthearted fun, then this class is perfect for you.

Community Class (Free) 

Community classes are led by the current teachers-in-training. Join a different duo of teachers each week to work on your yoga practice while they work on their teaching skills. The structure and sequence will vary each class. This class is always free (for members, it does not deduct points) and is open to everyone at any level. What better way to share yoga than to support those in their journey to teaching?!

Note: not all class styles are offered year-round.


Hot classes run with temperatures around 100 degrees. 

Warm classes run with temperatures around 85 degrees. 

Non-heated classes are in a regular temperature room, around 70 degrees.